SIMX – Sales and Inventory Management

Your inventory solution

by Nexus ®


This is a collection of modules developed and customised to let the small to medium companies to handle a typical inventory that BUY/SELL finished goods.

This solution use a simple structure developed at first in dbase II, back in 1989 ported to FoxBase+ later on 1992, and that have been evolving using the experience acquired over the years mainly with little companies, but all that changed in early 2000 when we were forced to quit the Fox environment and start moving on to FileMaker, a platform that we were using also since 1988 a lot easier to use and maintain, but that lacks at that time, many of the controls, triggers, etc expected in a programming enviroment, that started to change with filemaker 7, and evolved later in the great platform that is today.

The introduction of iOS support, and the server version that let us to keep a central data in one city and be used in many branches of one of our customers was the key to create more and more modules.

Thousands of tricks from some renowned filemaker developers like Matt Petrosky, Brian Dunning, Todd Geist, Tim Dietrich, Richard Carlton,  Chris Ipolite, Chiyoko Yoshida, Jeremy Bante and my friends Claud Lavendt and Javier Dura, both of them always prone to share their knowledge,  just to mention a few, in their websites or in the FileMaker Devcons for more than 10 years, led us to create a more robust solution, we tried with several ERPs and well known software as QuickBooks, but the chance to customise that offers filemaker is unparalleled.

We bought and downloaded hundreds of comercial and opensource, solutions from 360, Productive Computing, 24U, Draconventions, Cadence, Goya, Actual Technologies, Troi, MonkeyBread, FM Examples, FM Inventory Resources, FM Academy, FM Standards, Modular FM, Seedcode, InDats, Jarvis, Scarpetta, Datamanix, Luminfire,   and  hundreds more companies or developers that I don’t have in the radar right now, they lead us to learn parts of almost any aspect of the platform, but no solution provided all the expected results all of them share the same key design but everyone creates a completely different version.

Almost all,  with a nice interface, carefully tuned, also really well organised and maintained solutions, BUT, or with plenty of useless features (for us obviously),  or  full of errors, too difficult to use, complex to implement or deploy, that lacks the controls that we were expecting to avoid misuse by the end users, and the worst part, no one, have all the features that we know are needed in our region so after trying and trying we quit, and decided to start from scratch.  Took the core of our well known solution (bulletproof) that have been working for more than 20 years, and starting to copy and paste over our solution, took tricks of navigation, buttons, menus, security,  login, layouts, performance, user interface, user experience, colours, icons, etc, and came up with a solution that  at the beginning, are going to use ourselves and some of our most demanding users, expecting to improve in time to become a robust, fast and “generic” regional solution. with modules that can be turned on and off depending of the user.

SIMX its that solution, and its going to change a lot in the future we are also incorporating some freelance developers that works in the POS/retail, agricultural, logistics, and production area to add more functionalities, but we encourage them to be loyal to the expected speed and slim interface.

Here it’s the preliminary result.








** There could be copyrights in some of the names of Developers, solutions or companies